Coaching and Future Employment

According to the EDGE Report (Robert Half International’s Employment Dynamics and Growth Expectations Report), employers cite multitasking, initiative and creative problem-solving as the most valuable characteristics in new hires. According to the Career Advisory Board, communication skills are essential for professional advancement.

Coaching gives teens powerful new communication skills that enable them to take the initiative in their schoolwork and relationships. Coaching helps teens develop their creativity and come up with their own solutions to problems, instead of relying on outside ‘authorities.’ Coaching helps teens connect to their core Self—their calm, clear center—which enables them to multitask without burnout, from a place of inner balance, despite the demanding pace of modern life.

Most importantly, by helping teens connect to their authentic inner Self, coaching strengthens their inner compass—their integrity—one of the top qualities employers look for when hiring people for leadership positions.

In the long run, teen coaching is a short cut to a more satisfying, successful adult life.