What’s the difference between
coaching and tutoring?

Tutors tutor intellectual skills and academic competencies by sitting down and helping students do homework and projects. Academic coaches coach emotional competencies like communication skills, relationship skills and how to do inner emotional work, by talking on a meta-level about students’ lives and school work, using inner insight techniques.

  • Academics
  • School stress
  • Organization
  • Procrastination
  • Test anxiety
  • SAT | ACT | GRE
  • College applications
  • Grad school applications
  • Peer pressure
  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Life purpose
  • Healthy lifestyle

There is some overlap between academic tutoring and academic coaching, in the sense that truly great tutors address the emotional world of their students because that’s essential to being capable of doing high-level academic work; and truly great academic coaches address the nitty-gritty details of how students are actually approaching their assignments, in order to help them transform their relationship to their school work on the deepest level.

However, it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between a tutor and a coach, because tutors sit down and help students DO their schoolwork, and coaches sit down and help students talk out the process of HOW they do their schoolwork.

With over twenty years of experience as a private tutor, and over ten years of experience as a life coach certified in the Internal Family Systems model, I offer both tutoring and academic coaching.