Stress: The Number One Reason for Academic Problems

stress infographic.png

Having worked with middle school, high school and college students for over 23 years, I’ve experienced first-hand the statistics represented in this graphic.  I believe that stress is the number one thing that disrupts students academically.  

Relationships and future plans weigh heavily on high school students in particular.  Coaching is a great way to address this stress, because it not only enables teenagers to navigate their current life challenges more effectively, it also teaches them powerful emotional skills that will make them more resilient to stress in the future.  Coaching gives students new methods for making sense of their lives, and helps them communicate more effectively with peers, teachers, and parents.  Coaching helps teens develop a core sense of Self, so they will be better equipped to handle challenges, from day-to-day stresses to major life transitions like adjusting to college. 

It’s always an honor for me to watch former students as they make their way through life— thanks to Facebook I can keep up with people as close as Chicago and as far away as Japan.  I know for sure that our coaching helped them not just during school, but also far beyond, because they’ve told me personally that it did.  For me, there’s no better feeling in the world than contributing to someone else’s happiness and life satisfaction, and that’s why I love being a life coach!